Nutritional Support For Herpes

Nutrition and HSV

A well balanced diet and nutritional supplementation is key to keeping Herpes in remission. Adhering to an antiviral diet can greatly reduce outbreaks. Foods high in the amino acid L-arginine should be avoided when the virus is active. For those who are living with chronic symptoms, these foods are known to trigger outbreaks and may need to be avoided all together. Foods high in L-lysine are beneficial to those living with HSV and should be added to the diet in abundance. 

Foods High in L-arginine: nuts (particularly peanuts and almonds), chocolate, wheat, coffee

Foods High in L-lysine: legumes, fish, turkey, chicken, most vegetables

Foods to Avoid: Added refined sugars; acidic foods (grapefruit, tomatoes, citrus, etc.) during an active outbreak.

Foods to Incorporate: Fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C and bioflavinoids such as bell peppers, broccoli, potatoes, carrots, etc. (help heal skin); Foods high in essential fatty acids such as salmon and flax seeds (necessary for tissue repair). 

Common Beneficial Supplements: 

L-lysine: for some simply adding foods high in lysine to the diet is enough, for others taking additional lysine in supplement form is necessary. 

Vitamin C





Super Green Foods (Chlorella, Spirulina)

Thymus Extract

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